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Protein Discovery and Optimization

The development of novel proteins with potent enzymatic activity and high binding affinity has been a major challenge for both industry and academic researchers. We have developed a proprietary directed evolution approach that harnesses the power of Darwinian evolution, compressing millions of years of evolution into a few weeks. This method produces proteins with the highest possible binding affinity and/or enzymatic activity. Our advanced screening platforms allow us to select for ligands with the characteristics you are looking for, such as high stability and cell- and tissue-permeability.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how our cutting-edge optimization and development platform can help to advance your project goals.


Our Project Director will work with you to generate large custom peptide libraries (~1015). We will then “pan” these libraries using a screening method tailored to your project. These methods include, but are not limited to mRNA display, phage display, bacterial display, mammalian cell line, enzymatic assays. We are confident that our cutting edge library generation and screening approaches will identify optimized proteins that exceed your expectations.


For projects with a defined target but no ligand, we can develop one for you. We will use the best screen for your project to identify lead candidates from our large peptide libraries and these candidates will be further improved through several rounds of directed evolution to become your ligand.

Our goal is to create a novel protein with the binding affinity, enzymatic activity, stability and/or tissue permeability specifications required for your application.

Some of Our Capabilities

  • Site Saturation
  • Combinatorial
  • Insertion-Deletion
  • Homology-Based
  • Synthetic
  • De Novo
  • mRNA Display
  • Phage Display
  • Bacterial Display
  • Mammalian Cell Line
  • Enzymatic Screens
  • Custom Screening/Selection

Customer Service

Your project will be handled by a Project Director who is an expert in the field of directed evolution. The Project Director will design protein and peptide libraries based on your project, develop the ideal screen, and give you regular updates throughout the lifecycle of your project.
Contact us to develop your ideal protein today.